Total Control is a large system consists of many components/modules and functionalities:

  • Total Control application in Windows (TCW), main application of the system.
  • Total Control application for Android (TCA). Can be downloaded in Google Play Store or bundled with the downloaded package, Total Control will install automatically.
  • Total Control Viewer (TCV). With the purchase of optional "Device Control", it allows Android device to control part of the features in TCW, can access the screen of the main device.

There are many applications within the TCW:

  • Connections. Establish the connectivities (and permissions) between TCW and TCA in one or mode Android devices.
  • Control app. There are 2 ways to control connected Android devices. WDM – Windows Desktop Mode shows one Android device per window. MDCC – Multi-Device Control Center is a single big screen to access and control multiple devices.
  • Coordinates vs objects. Click (x, y) vs a button with a text of OK. Coordinates are useful to control multiple devices with the same model & type. Objects are useful for devices with multiple resolutions and dimensions. Object model is recommended, easier to script when applications under tested are changed, obtaining the text is faster and accurately than OCR.
  • Scripts. Provides JavaScript and REST API allowing users to control and access multiple devices both coordinate and object models. In-house developed AAIS is useful to generate scripts with ease, seamless integration with JavaScript and can controls multiple devices with single script.
  • AAI. Umbrella name for all object models, it includes query language, UI Explorer, FindNode and AAIS.