Movements, Click and Swipe

Movement likely is the first thing you will test, we simulate movements via swipe or the scroll, keyboard 4-arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End (menu) will move the screen, Shift with 4 arrow keys are long swipe in the middle of the screen, very useful for next page such as swiping thru the pictures or next page on the app cabinet. Shift-PgUp and Shift-PgDn will move to the front and bottom of the document (swipe as fast as possible).

Three keys are important: "Esc", "Tab" and "Enter". "Esc" key is Android's back key "<". Some apps offer Enter key as send, the Enter key will be handy instead of click a button to send. Since there is no cursor, you can use "Tab" and "Enter" to go thru some of the options. Enter key can be used to search by pressing extra Enter key.

Alternatively, mouse can be used to control the actions, the mouse wheel acts as "up" and "down" arrows, left mouse button is use to click or swipe. Right mouse button has 2 features:

  • Click to go back.
  • Drag to simulate pinch-to-zoom, useful to zoom in/out pictures. With right button is pressed, move away from center of the screen to zoom in, move towards the center to zoom out. When you are done, release the right mouse button. When mouse button is pressed at location (x, y), it will simulate another press at point (width – x, height – y).

In the system option, "screen control mode" you can select "scroll" which use Android Scroll functionality whenever possible (all movement keys except Shift-up/down/left/right).