Copy-n-Paste and File Transfer

With the support of Sigma Keyboard, you can cut-n-paste between PC and devices, TC also support transfer files:

  • Copy-n-paste to the textbox. Ctrl-C in other app and Ctrl-v in textbox.
  • Copy-n-paste directly to the device window (if it is in input mode), you need to enable in System Settings "Paste directly to the device" option to avoid paste accidentally.
  • Copy the text in device, the device window will show an icon, press the icon to copy the text to Windows clipboard. If you do not want to press icon every time, enable "Clipboard auto sync to PC" in system settings.
  • You can copy the one or multiple files from Windows to device by dragging files from Window explorer into device window, the files will be stored in "/sdcard/Total Control/files". If you drag APK file to device window, it will be automatically installed. If you have external SD card, it will prompt you the installation location.
  • Open file Manager go to specific path in the device, you can drag in/out files to transfer files between device and PC.
  • Select "Capture PC" in device window menu, will prompt users to crop a portion of PC screen, click "OK" to store the file in the device, the file will be stored in "/sdcard/Total Control/screenshots", alternatively, the system settings, under "Capture PC", press combination key ("Ctrl/Alt/Shift + letter") in textbox to set the hotkey to capture. See Screenshot and video recording for more information.
  • Another way to transfer a file from device to PC is to use Android "Share" feature. When system setting "Clipboard Auto Sync to PC" is enabled, choose save to Clipboard or File, in the Gallery, click Share, select "Total Control", when image is sent, the image will be available either in clipboard or store in a file or both.