Features Lite Professional
Collapse all Free $9.9 / Year
Support for 32-bit and 64-bit
Support up to Android 13
USB and TCP connection
Easy Connect
Connect devices Control 2 devices simultaneously (with mouse only) Control 4 devices simultaneously (with mouse / keyboard / quick key)
Quick mirroring(do not support PC controlled device)
ATS (Beta)
Connection is simple, all users need to do is grant Accessibility permission to our software. Can detach from Total Control and run scripts.
ATA & ATS Comparison
Windows desktop mode (WDM)
Multi-device control center (MDCC)
Change the device name
Device Window
Resize device window by dragging the border
One click to set the width of all device windows
Device Menu
Device rotate / zoom in and out / full screen
Hide the first 2 lines of the device window on max height mode
Screen update pause, current screen freeze
Device Setting
Dim the device screen to conserve power
Dim the device screen (apply to all devices)
Volume control 3 6
Volume control (apply to all devices)
Auto connect
Hardware key
Screen Device Settings
Screen transfer Fast mode reaches up to 30 fps, speed mode reaches more than 60 fps Fast mode reaches up to 40 fps, speed mode reaches more than 60 fps
Resolution 640P 480P, 640P, 720P, 1080P
Device acceleration
Image quality
Device coding setting
PC acceleration
Hardware acceleration
Movements, Click and Swipe
Mouse and keyboard control
Synchronization Mouse Mouse/Keyboard/Quick keys
Text Input
Sigma keyboard supports using PC keyboard to enter text
Keyboard shortcuts Up to 10 entries Up to 100 entries
Copy-n-Paste and File Transfer
Copy-n-paste to the textbox
Copy-n-paste directly to the device window
Copy the text in device to Windows clipboard
Copy the one or multiple files from Windows to device by dragging files (APK file will be automatically installed)
Capture PC screen to device
Copy the image of PC and paste it into the device window
Screen Capture and Video Recording
Screenshot to PC
Screen capture to device memory (only available in JS/REST API)
Record video
Screenshot to device
Watermark Video recording, full screen None
Voice Control
Control device through voice commands
Open app and run the function through voice command
Backup and Restore
User settings backup and restore
Shortkeys: function key to run a script or start an app
Autotext,capture PC,boss key, keyboard class API
JavaScript API (provide Mozilla's Rhino 1.7.7 and RingoJS framework for JavaScript, offers many classes: device and deviceArray, keyboard, Excel)
Capture to generate excel format and export as JS or JSON
Event triggers
REST API (supports any scripting language, any platform, remote control)
AAI (Automation and Accessibility Integration), provide UI explorer tools and API
FindNode (part of the AAI project) is a shell program that utilizes a query language to search and interact with UI elements or Accessibility nodes
Support AAIS (a mini script that utilize AAI capability to do automation, the file extension is ".tst"), capture/replay (with object option) will generate in this script.
BMP helper and color helper
REST tool
Multi-Device Control Center(MDCC)
Support for synchronization based on UI elements(AAI)(with object option)
Landscape display
Device auto arrange
Drag-n-drop to rearrange windows
Transfer mutiple files to mutiple devices (batch app installation)
One key to restart/locate/black screen/wake up/screenshot (save to PC or phone)/screen brightness adjustment/set image quality & mode/lock/unlock, control all devices
Support custom shortcuts
Audio Transfer
Software audio transmission (Android 10 and above support. Some app may not support software audio transmission, such as some music app.)
TCHelp: Allowing users to self-search questions by typing "Shift-F1"
TC Connect: A tool that makes it easier to obtain "shell" permissions during initial device setup
Paid Features
To control more than 4 devices:

Professional subscription is required to increase number of devices, the device is upgradable to high number of devices at later time:

  • MDC-10: Control up to 10 devices.
  • MDC-20: Control up to 20 devices.
  • MDC-30: Control up to 30 devices.
  • MDC-50: Control up to 50 devices.
  • MDC-70: Control up to 70 devices.
  • MDC-100: Control up to 100 devices.
Other feature:
  • DC: Device to control devices.