Device Settings

Device settings are used to fine tune how the device behave, it has many options, most of them run well with its default values:

  • See screen device settings for various controls in the device settings.
  • Control Brightness of the screen of the device ([Pro] can applies to all connected devices), this is temporary, when device is disconnected, it will restore back to its previous setting. Useful to dim the device screen to conserve power and retain privacy.
  • Volume controls, can control up to 6 types of volumes ([Pro] apply to all connected devices). This change is permanent.
  • Shortkeys. Configure 10 function keys to start application or run a script. So you can configure F1 for Facebook, anytime can you click F1 to bring up Facebook.
  • Auto connect. If check will automatically connect and display device window, if you want to use TCP auto connect, you must be already connected with TCP.
  • [Adv] Hardware key. If auto detect has problem detects the presence of hardware keys, you can override it in this setting.
  • [Adv] Hotspot if enable and configure in an application, it has a red dot on the top menu, drag to clickable location and associate with a hot key (Ctrl + Alt + <letter>), it will record down the location, hot key and application, when application is started, click the hot key will trigger TC to click the location. Multiple hotspots can be configured in an application.
  • [Adv] Input mode. We support thousands of Android devices, if the device is unresponsive to actions (mouse or keyboard) on the device screen, change to one of the 4 input modes.