Text Input

The way Total Control handle input is to install a keyboard called "Sigma Keyboard" on the device, "Sigma Keyboard" is an invisible keyboard that in the background communicate with Total Control in PC. It is advised to always use Sigma keyboard since it allows users to use the PC's keyboard to enter text. System settings have an option always use Sigma Keyboard. When a text input is required, a textbox will appear on the top of the device window, users can enter text in the textbox via their preferred language and input system offered by Windows. There are 3 input options for users to choose:

  • "a": Enter one character at a time, it does not require Sigma Keyboard, every character typed (need English keyboard) will be sent to the device. For instance, if device has been changed to Chinese input method, you can use alphabet and numeric keys to compose Chinese character. Copy-n-paste is not supported in this mode.
  • "ab" (version 8 update 20): This allows users to type in any language, a short pause (default: 200 milliseconds) will made the typed text to send to the device. Copy-n-paste is supported, autotext is not supported.
  • "abc": Line mode allow you to enter long text and enter key to send to device. This is the default mode allow both autotext and copy-n-paste.

There is another option "a", that is seldom used since the input is letter at a time, usually useful in terminal software. The textbox offers a lot of features:

  • If password entry is required, enter the password will display with password mask of dot.
  • Support to enter long text string that span multiple lines.
  • Text based cut-n-paste to this textbox can span multiple lines without any problem.
  • Support shortcut, you can use system settings under "Sigma keyboard", "Autotext input" and configure button to configure the autotext. For instance: "cyl" = "I will call you later", if you enter "cyl", it text will replace it with "I will call you later".
  • Enter will search "Search" or "Enter" depending on the device text property, Many Android App offers "Enter to send", TC supports this, enter text, press enter, press enter again to send. Similarly, for search: enter text, press enter twice.

When textbox appears, the navigation keys such as up/down/left/right or PgUp/PgDn applies to textbox, you need to use Escape key to dismiss textbox.

When the USB is disconnected, device TC will restore its keyboard to its previous setting.

If you want to use specific keyboard, select menu "Change Keyboard" option in device window to change the keyboard.