Paid Features

Total Control provides Lite version which is free for non-commercial use. All Total Control paid features are annual PC-based subscription plan. To purchase, click the shopping cart icon, select the features you want to purchase, select checkout, and payment method, once the payment is completed, restart Total Control on PC, the license will be upgraded with the new purchased features.

Total Control offers 2 payment methods:

  • Google Pay: Due to limited functionalities in Google Pay, this payment method allows users to purchase the new subscription up to TC-MDC-50.
  • Stripe: Stripe provides dynamic pricing and higher limit, users can use this method to purchase all subscriptions or upgrade to higher number of supported devices.


Since Professional contains base features for other paid features, users must purchase Professional subscription before purchase other features. The Professional 1-year subscription expiration date is important if you plan to purchase additional paid features at a later time. For instance, you purchased the professional subscription 6 months ago and decide to purchase MDC-20, you only need to pay half of the price of MDC-20, the MDC-20 expiration date is the same as Professional. Furthermore, if you plan to purchase MDC-30 3 months later (after 9 months from professional), you only need to pay the difference (TC deduct the unused time):

(Price(new) – Price(old))/365 * number of days remaining until Professional expires

In this case:

(Price(MDC-30) – Price(MDC-20))/365 * 90 days (3 months)

All MDC-x are upgradable to higher number of devices with Stripe payment method.


TC-DC (Device Control) is a separate android application (called viewer) allowing MDCC users to choose a device to control main device, some applications are easier to navigate via device instead of using mouse and keyboard to control them. The viewer application can be either be one of the devices connected to MDCC or it can run on device anywhere that is reachable to PC running TC (even over VPN thousand miles away). If you are running MDCC, if you are in MDCC, you can choose any device click DC icon, if you are using TCP to connect to MDCC, please download the application here.

After the purchase is completed, it will send an email confirmation of the subscription and attach an "activation code", if you plan to move Total Control to new PC or you need to reinstall the OS, you first install the lite version in the new PC/OS, use the activation code to activate the paid features, when a valid activation code is entered, a new activation code will be generated, keep it safe. You can only make 10 transfers per year.

we provide 2 payment methods:

Item Code Description # of device
TC-Lite Free version, offer many basic features 2
TC-Pro Professional, offer many additional features 4
TC-MDC-10 Total Control to support 10 devices 10
TC-MDC-20 Total Control to support 20 devices 20
TC-MDC-30 Total Control to support 30 devices 30
TC-MDC-50 Total Control to support 50 devices 50
TC-DC Device to control PC-TC to control other devices N/A