Device Menu

Click 3 horizontal in the device window will bring up a menu of features:

  • Screenshot to PC/Device and Record Video. See Screenshot and video recording.
  • [Pro] Capture PC. See Copy-n-paste and file transfer.
  • Zoom in/out and rotate left/right. Rotate if the landscape/portrait auto-detect does not work.
  • Full screen. Will fill the device in entire screen, since Escape key is used as a "Back" key, to restore the screen, click the last button in the menu. If you don't see the menu, click the arrow on the left edge of the screen, it will show the menu.
  • Max Height. Sacrifice the menu title and extend vertically to much as possible.
  • Backup and Restore
  • File Manager. Provide a rudimentary file manager on the device, useful to drag in/out files between device and PC.
  • Pause screen. Will temporarily halt the screen transfer, click menu ">" to proceed (jump to the most recent screen).
  • Change Keyboard. Change the device virtual keyboard.
  • [Pro] Voice Control. To turn on/off Voice control.
  • Device Settings. Bring up the device settings.
  • Runner. To run AAIS and JavaScript scripts.