Voice Control

TC utilized Windows 7 and 10 voice capability allowing users to use voice to open an application or run a function (see Userlib.js). By default, all applications in the device will be registered so you can use "open " to open an application, for instance, "open calendar" to open calendar. If the applications are not English word or difficult to pronounce (especially in game names), you can associate a phrase to an app.

You can also associate a phrase to a function name in Userlib.js. When a word is heard, it will execute a function with device ID as the only parameter. E.g. configure "leave now" to function leaveNow. You can create a function in Userlib.js. function leaveNow(device) {…}

The trigger phrase is "OK TC", a popup will open and ready for command, if the first word is "multiple", users can provide a list of commands, until "stop" is heard or 60 seconds without a usable command. The actions will be carried out in main device.

For security reason, the voice control capability needs to be "turned on" to listen for trigger phrase, turning on one device will turn on for all devices. If you in system settings, you can check "Always enable" to turn on automatically.

Feature Voice
Trigger Phrase OK TC
Multiple voice cmd multiple
Stop multiple stop
Application open "application name"
open <phrase>; phrase = "application name"
Function run <phrase>; phrase = "function name"
Feature Key Voice Key Voice
Movement up arrow up page up page up
down arrow down page down page down
left arrow left shift-PgUp go top
right arrow right shift-PgDn go bottom
Swipe shift-left swipe left shift-up swipe up
shift-right swipe right shift-down swipe down
Special function home home escape back
end menu