Device Window

The device window will be opened either automatically (auto connect) or click "Connect" button in Connection Window. The device window consists of several components:

  • Device screen content
  • Optional hardware keys (recent app, home, back and menu) for device that has the hardware keys.
  • Top row has a menu button menu button and 4 quick keys (can be configured in system settings).
  • Title bar has 4 keys:
    • Setting: Enter device settings.
    • "i" information: Display information about the device, its name, resolution, etc.
    • Always on top.
    • Help.
  • Optionally, it will display the coordinate of the mouse relative to the device (system settings ⇒ show coordinates), it is useful to locate coordinate of certain controls.
  • If the device headphone jack is plugged with THA (our hardware device), it will show information here. THA will loopback device audio to microphone, TC will capture the sound from mic and send to PC. Currently, THA is not sell internationally.
  • Return key from setting or back key (will be obsoleted).
  • Icon with 4 small rectangles for debugging purpose.
  • Can resize the device window by dragging the border of the device window, the position and size will be saved, if the same device is opened in the future, the window will be restored back to the same position and size.