Mirror Android Screen to PC
PC Playing Experience on Mobile Games
Support for Multiple Devices
Perfect Control with Keyboard and Mouse
Faster than Emulator Low-end Graphics Card can Play
Win7, 8, 10 Systems are Supported Better Gaming Platform
Version Details / History Version

Multiple Ways to Connect / Project

Connect computer and mobile phone in a variety of ways: USB data cable connection, WiFi live screencasting, HDMI connection with high-definition image quality and ultra-low latency.

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Play Mobile Games with Keyboard and Mouse

Resolution up to 1080P, frame rate up to 90fps, low latency.

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Free vs VIP
Features Free   VIP
Screen Settings
Projection/Native Screening
Coding Mode AVC-HD High Pecision
Motion Quality Correction
Frame Rate 10FPS-60FPS 70FPS-unlimited
Bit Rate 2M-16M 18M-60M
Resolution 480P 640P、720P、1080P
Image Quality Fluent、HD Ultra HD、Extremes Clear
Projection Mode Fluency First、Picture quali Fluency First、Picture quali
Client Settings
Render Mode DirextX、GDI DirextX、GDI
Decoding Mode Hardware、Software Hardware、Software
Screen Settings Brightness、Saturation、Contrast
Screen Stretch
Window Size Position
Keymapping Setting
Key Mapping Scheme Official Key Position、Local Keys Cloud Key
Key Setting Direction、Shooting Mode、Fire、Slide Smart Key、Macro、Virtual Aim、View Angle、Intelligent Casting、Vision Extension、RightMouse Move