VPN Remote Control of Android Device


To remotely control an Android device, it is necessary to ensure that the network connection between the PC with Total Control installed and the Android device is smooth. This can be checked by executing the ping command on the PC to see if it can ping the IP address of the Android device. A typical use case is to install Total Control on a PC inside a VPN network and have the phone connect to the network via VPN and then connect to Total Control. For home or personal use, the VPN server and Total Control can be deployed on the same PC.

Step 1: Network Connection

Network Topology Diagram

PC: A PC with Total Control installed.

VPN Server: One end connected to the public network and assigned a public IP, the other end connected to the internal network. OpenVPN can be used for connection.

Network Connection Steps

1. Follow the TOP diagram to set up the OpenVPN server.

2. Generate a client certificate named "User1" on OpenVPN, and then use the certificate to connect to the VPN network as an OpenVPN client on the remote device.

3. Test the network connection: Use the ping command on the PC to check if the IP address of the Android device can be pinged. If it can ping through, the network connection is successful.

Note that if the VPN server and Total Control are installed on the same PC, there will be no network problems. If they are not on the same PC, you need to make sure that the route from the PC to the VPN server's VPN private network IP address pool is working properly (e.g. in the Top diagram has a full route from the PC to the VPN Server). If the route is not working, connect the PC to the VPN server as a VPN client as well to ensure that the PC can access the private IP address in the VPN address pool.

Step 2: Connecting with Total Control

1. When the device is first connected or restarted, use USB to connect to Total Control successfully (you can connect to the Total Control nearby the device, and the version needs to be consistent with the remote one) to obtain adb permissions.

2. Open Total Control on the Android device and check the IP address.

Note: After using VPN connection, 2 IP addresses will be displayed here, please select VPN private address. You can also open the OpenVPN client, in which you can see your private VPN IP address.

3. Go to settings, enable “Password Authentication”, and set a password.

4. Open Total Control on the PC, go to connection help, and connect to the device.

Select "TCP connection" - "Enter IP address to connect"

Enter the IP address of the remote Android device and the verification password you set, and click "OK" to connect.

5. If you need to quickly connect to multiple devices, you can configure it here.