API Documents

FindNode.java consists of 2 components: FindNode and Selector.
FindNode + Selector will provide majority necessarily functionalities for automation: query/find,get/obtain and actions/automations.

We also developed a mini script that utilize AAI capability to do automation, this is currently available in MDCC (the file extension is ".tst" ), capture and replay(with object option) will generite in this script.

It is designed with the RESTful Web Services Framework and is based on the original Total Control JS API. You can use any device that supports sending HTTP requests to interact with Total Control.

It is written in the JavaScript language and provides a set of Total Control script automation interfaces. Through these interfaces, you can control one or more devices.

REST API Application Example

Quickly learn how to use the JS API and REST API...

Programming language: Node JS
Description: Start QQ Music APP, search for "My Hometown", play for two minutes, close APP.

Programming language: Ringo JS
Description: Log in, tap, swipe to the bottom of the screen, tap, and slide to the bottom again.

Programming language: Python
Description: Open Notepad on your phone and type in the text.

Programming language: Java
Description: Get and print token.

Programming language: Java
Description: Upload files to TC via CURL.

JS API Application Example

Get multiple devices by device name, then assemble them into Array to implement group control.

Send the app name via chat software to open the corresponding app.

Save the notification bar message on all phones to tmp/notification.txt in the current directory.

Get the color value of the specified point on the screen of the master device.