3.0 Historic Version

1. Change Wifi and HDMI connection to VIP function

2. Fix other known bugs

1. Open the trial VIP function (have been purchased and have been tried and cannot be tried)

2. Optimize the MOBA game "Smart Getting" button logic and UI

3. Fix other known bugs

1. Fix the problem that some mobile phones cannot horizontally screen

2. Macro command supports JS script

3. Add switch to the mouse unlocking position, you can choose to unlock it in the quasi -heart or center

4. Fix other known bugs

1. New mobile phone side display button configuration and virtual quasi -hearted function

2. Optimize the connection speed

3. Fix the left -button of the custom mouse. After the window is lost in the window, the problem that is not restored to the normal mouse button

4. Optimize the release of the macro button to solve the problem that the macro command did not release the card point card operation

5. Optimize the problem that the screen image cannot be recognized

6. Fix the macro command, in some cases, it will accidentally lead to the problem of jumping up and down from the perspective

1.Bug Fix.

1. Repair the fire and hold it, and use the small eyes of the ALT, the problem that the fire will be released will be released

2. Fix the problem that the smart button cannot be downloaded to the local area

3. Fix the problem of the program folding due to the permission of the folder

4. Optimize multi -point coloring function

1. Fix bug.

1. Fix the problem that the configuration key cannot be saved in some cases

2. Fix the VIP login failure

3. Modify the UI display of key position setting, merge the local key position and download key position, and distinguish them by switches

4. Fix the failure of the ALT key

5. Fix the problem of video recording sound jamming

6. Press the key to add hover tip

7. Add a prompt button to avoid the problem that the key position disappears due to the mobile background APP switching

8. Fix the problem that the sigma input method cannot input spaces

1. Added screen projection frame rate and bit rate settings

2. Fix the problem that some mobile phones cannot connect to WIFI

3. Added virtual crosshairs (for shooting games without crosshairs)

4. Fix other known bugs

1. Added the function of automatically generating buttons, which is suitable for common shooting and MOBA games

2. Added multi-device support, which can synchronize mouse operations

3. Known bug fixes

1. Added macro key commands

2. Optimize the macro button setting interface

3. Add macro button function tutorial

1. Fix the problem that Samsung Android 12 cannot be connected.

1. Spanish, Russian support

2. Provide button import and export function

3. Fix bugs